Soles of Silk - 18

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    When I told Allie, who dates Juliet's brother, that Juliet could come and shoot for the site after she turns 18, it took her less than 24 hours from her birthday to be modeling for her first sets. She did a solo set, which is the one you see below, along with a set that also featured Allie and Kaycee. All three of them know one another, so it made perfect sense to get them all together.
    This particular set was kept simple. I bought Juliet a shirt that had the number "18" on the chest to mark the occasion and Juliet decided to bring a pair of black and white sneakers to match. I told her I'd love for her to do a sneakers theme, but there would be no socks. She laughed and said okay.
    While it wasn't hot outside when we shot this set, it didn't stop Juliet's feet from getting a little moist inside her shoes. You can see by the end of the set that some of the black fuzz from inside her shoes is clinging to her feet. I didn't have her brush it off knowing many of you would further appreciate the realness because of it. I know I did.