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    things are just plain HOT �
    like stoves, for example. But I cannot
    think anything hotter than what is
    below. And I'm not talking about the
    color "hot" pink either!
    Dressed in a little white skirt with
    a hot pink top, hot pink fishnets
    and hot pink heels, Madison
    is MORE than hot, she is scorching!
    Good thing the hotel had a fire extinguisher.
    I thought I'd have to pull the batteries
    from the smoke detector when Madison
    sat in the chair before me, ready
    to pose her lovely legs and feet.
    Starting off in her heels, Madison
    dangles them teasingly before letting
    them drop to the floor. Then it is
    time to show off her trademark long
    soles. I simply can't get enough of
    While Madison
    flexes her arches during the shoot,
    she playfully spreads and curls her
    toes to show off her light purple
    nail polish. She wanted to show some
    Soles of Silk spirit by wearing the
    site's colors, but those toes might
    have been engulfed by the inferno
    of her hot pink, fishnet-covered soles.
    I think I still have the scars from
    touch them! Ouch!

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