Pedisole Junction - Sissy

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    Say hello to plane Jane Sissy age 30 standing 5 foot 6 tall with a size 7.5 shoe. These feet are quite nice especially the soles. I asked this model after the outdoor session if she liked girls and she informed me that no way she very much liked men. To that I said with your short hair you have had to had some ladies interested in you. To this she laughed and began telling me some stories about some of the approaches of other ladies she has had. Nonetheless you will see Sissy scrunch and spread her toes. At one point the video guy asks if he can smell her feet. After a long pause she finally conceded. Whew that was close! this can only be see on the video clip however. Much to the surprise of the cameraman her feet smelled just like bubble gum. Amazing! Very ticklish feet Sissy has too! 121 photos.