Pedisole Junction - Alex

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    From the clip The Stinky Feet Of Alex currently found on clips4sale comes Alex age 29 standing 5 foot 7 tall wearing a size 8.5 shoe. On this day Alex was 25 minutes late for her photo shoot. The photographer guy already had an attitude after endless texting after 45 days before he finally had a commitment to do the shoot. Right away he could see that this was not going to turn out well since she never smiled was lazy and took forever to move. Say what you will as we can all suspect but conversely this model not only had white eyes but would occasionally say something intelligent despite her slow movements. Her feet are not bad and her soles are even better. The photographer was getting annoyed as this shoot was an uphill battle all the way and realized it was a total waste of time and money to have worked with her. So Now he thought he would take the liberty since it was at the end of the shoot to actually lick her foot without asking for permission. When he did he not only realized that she did not care but caught the smell of her feet while he was licking big time! Wow were they stinky! It totally changed his mind about this eccentric spacey introvert. It was as if he began to look at her with new eyes. Off camera she told him that he could call her and for a small fee and could smell her feet anytime. Would you like to see that smelling clip? I know that Alex would be happy. Find the website to write to on the homepage of pedisolejunction and let us know. Alex has somewhat ticklish feet too. 75 photos.