Soles of Silk - Sara

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    In the first part to this series we were all teased as Sara Swirls rubbed a little bit of chocolate pudding onto her foot. |See Part 1| But this time, Sara has gone for broke and pushed her sexy size 8s down into a bowl full of the squishy chocolate pudding.
    Knowing how much you love her soles, Sara makes sure you see how her vanilla flavored soles now taste like chocolate as the pudding is thick and covering every inch of her tender foot bottoms. It's a huge mess, but Sara likes it messy and she likes for you to lick up the mess afterward. But since you're not there, Sara takes it upon herself to start licking up that yummy chocolate pudding. She snakes her tongue between her toes and all over her wrinkled arches and soles.
    Knowing you want a taste, Sara pushes her soles back out for you to gaze upon � just look at the chocolate foot prints left on the counter top! Such a mess! Oh well, time for her tongue to get back to business. Looks like you'll just have to sit back and watch because Sara doesn't think you're worthy enough to taste her chocolate covered toes. I was worthy enough!

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