Soles of Silk - smelly gray shoes

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    By time Alice and I shot this set she had a small handful of sets already shot. During those prior shoots we talked about all kinds of things, including my love for sweaty female feet. So when I asked Alice to bring a pair of well worn, smelly shoes to shoot with, she knew what was up. I'm pretty sure she even asked, "With no socks, right?"
    Yeah, Alice knows. Alice also knows her feet can get quite sweaty, especially on a day as hot as it was the day we shot this. Still, she didn't mind. Nope. Alice is a doll, but also a tease and she made sure to do just enough of that during this set too.
    I couldn't tell you how many times Alice mentioned her shoes, her feet sweating, or even smelling her own shoes as we shot this set. It didn't help that Camille was on the bench next to us learning what shooting would be like when she did her first set. Camille just laughed. I, of course, smirked at Alice who smirked right back at me.

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