Soles of Silk - white boots

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    Poor Molly. Her big size 11s have been trapped in her white knee-high boots for so long. They're sore and sweaty and with so many loops in her laces, she has a slight task ahead of her to get those damp feet free!
    Laying on her bed, dressed in a white top and matching white thong panties, Molly slowly begins untying her boots. One loop and then the next. It's no easy task, but after fiddling with her boots for several minutes, Molly slowly slides her size 11 feet out from the warm confines of the high heeled boots. Her feet are so soft and the air feels so good between her long toes. And now it is time to lay back and relax those tired feet.
    Once comfortable, Molly gives everyone an amazing view of her curvy backside, green painted toenails and equally curvy arches. She can't help but wiggle her toes and flex her soles after being sealed away tightly in her boots.
    It isn't long until Molly decides to rub some massage oil onto her long feet. But you'll have to wait to see that in the second part to this set. |View Part 2|

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