Pedisole Junction - Mia

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    From the clip Momma Mia currently found on clips4sale comes Mia age 30 standing 5 foot 2 tall with a size 8 shoe. This pretty lady will wiggle scrunch and spread her toes as well as give you a nice long look at her very attractive beautiful soles and tops of her feet with her newly painted toes. Mia is also seen with her blue socks on too placing her feet in various positions as well. The video guy can not wait but smell her feet but in this case her feet smelled like essential oil. Darn it. Just yesterday Mia was trying to arrange for us to meet her after she gets off shift at the fast food place she works at. She told me that her feet would be nice hot and sweaty. After changing the time several times I finally got to the point where it interfered with another appointment I had. Darn it! Right? Mostly ticklish feet too. 144 photos.