Pedisole Junction - Alisha

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    Here we have Alisha age 21 standing 5 foot 5 tall with a shoe size 7.5 Wide. This model is not bad looking at all and feet that are great too with wrinkly soles! Alsiha really has pride in the fact that her soles are not all that thick. This model does foot worship with men but leans on the BI side and tells us that she has a girl that she gets with and plays with on occasion and one submissive male who she has sessions with as well. She even said off camera that she could love on another females feet but not a mans. What makes the feet of this model so different is that her feet are damp all the time. Her mother even commented on it before while Alisha sat next to her and placed her feet on her bare leg once. While kissing and licking them I could taste the light salt of her feet. Very enjoyable girl who is in college with the goal of becoming a future RN. Good luck girl. 53 photos.