Barefoot Urban Girls - Winter barefooting: ELISABETTA 01

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Cover 2 Barefoot Urban Girls - Winter barefooting: ELISABETTA 01 30 PhotosCover 3 Barefoot Urban Girls - Winter barefooting: ELISABETTA 01 30 PhotosCover 4 Barefoot Urban Girls - Winter barefooting: ELISABETTA 01 30 Photos
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    Released on 12-29-2019. Dear subscribers! The headliner set in today's "winter barefooting special" features all the previously unpublished pictures from a late autumn barefooting session starring tall & beautiful ELISABETTA, one of the first Barefoot Urban Girls. A set of pictures from this session was featured on Toes-In-Action some years ago. A Sigourney Weaver lookalike, ELISABETTA was a tough barefooter and remains one of the favourite early models of The Feetosopher: it was basically impossible to pick her with a so-so facial expression while shooting. In this photoset you can follow ELISABETTA on a long barefoot walk from Papadopoli Gardens (where she tests her bare feet on rough dirt) to the bus station, and then along the Grand Canal to the Scalzi area ("scalzi" means "barefooted" in Italian language!), and finally before the railway station. The Feetosopher recalls a funny gag that happened while shooting: "There was a girl posing for tourists with a Venetian Carnival dress and a mask, and I asked her whether she was OK with me taking a couple of shots of ELISABETTA with her.. she said yes, then looked at ELISABETTA's bare feet, yelled "OH POOR GIRL YOUR FEET MUST BE FREEZING", took out her sneakers from her bag, and insisted that ELISABETTA put them on! :D ELISABETTA had to reassure her several times that she was used to walk barefooted also with low temperatures. There are a couple of pictures documenting the gag in the set! :D". The photoset features 30 pictures, including posed ones, on-the-fly ones of ELISABETTA looking at timetables, checking her mobile phone etc., and plenty of exciting close-ups of ELISABETTA's big & sexy size 41EU/10US bare feet, whose DIRTY SOLES are BEET RED FROM COLD! The Feetosopher and all the Barefoot Urban Girls take the chance to wish you all a Happy 2020, full of barefoot beauty! :-)