Love Her Feet - Helping out my stepson

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    I couldn't help but overhear my stepson's phone call with his girlfriend. She was complaining about how bad he is at worshiping her feet and, because that's important to her, she's going to dump him over it. Poor kid. I felt so bad, it was hard to listen to. So I decided I'm going to help him out. When he walked out of the room with a long face I invited him to sit next to me on the couch. I revealed that I overheard his conversation and told him I'm here to help. He was super embarrassed but I told him It's ok I'll show him how he can win her back. Being the good stepmom I am, I told him to take off my heels and start smelling my feet. Followed by massaging my feet. Then I asked him to start sucking my toes one by one and move on to my sucking my soles. I could tell he was into it and getting turned on. Since we were already inappropriately fooling around, I figured why not pull his huge cock out and give him a footjob. Of course we ended up fucking each other and he came on my toes which tasted amazing when I licked it off. Posted: August 24, 2018