Love Her Feet - The Feet Fucker

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    I was on the phone with my girlfriend while walking home from my university. She wanted to make sure I got home safely since Jenny told us about the feet fucker: a naked-masked man who just stalks girls to fuck their feet. I safely got home and locked the door. I was freaking out although I wasn't sure if she just made it up for Halloween? Who would want to fuck my dirty smelly feet? Makes no sense. Suddenly a masked man jumped out from behind the curtain grabbed my feet and started to fuck my soles with his hard cock! OMG! The feet fucker is real! I pushed my red pedicured feet into his face hoping my sweaty and stinky feet will scare him away but it only turned him on more! I ran up and locked myself in my bedroom and called my girlfriends. He popped out from behind my bed, tackled me down, and just kept fucking my feet! He was so into it he didn't pay attention to what I was doing and I was able to pull off his mask and holy s*** it's professor King! I was shocked so as he. He begged me not to tell anyone. I always thought professor King was hot and always had the feels for him. So I told him, 'I'll let you fuck my pretty Asian feet if you fuck my pussy!' Of course he agreed and I liked seeing his cum on my red polished toes so much that it turned me into a little foot slut! Posted: October 26, 2018