Love Her Feet - A pleasant surprise

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    I hadn't had sex with my husband for a few weeks and had been hooking up with this guy from the gym. The other day I wore black pantyhose and a silk robe when my husband came home from work. I was hoping he'd fuck me but he just went to the kitchen for dinner. As usual, I was sexting with my guy when husband called me into the bedroom. It was strange but stranger that he wasn't there. Suddenly, he grabbed me from behind and told me he knows everything about my fling. I was shocked since I thought I had it covered. He pushed me onto the bed, tied me up, cuffed my hands, and put on a blindfold. Honestly, it was crazy hot. Then I heard his footsteps walking away. I was laying in my pantyhose, tied up and totally helpless when I felt someone touching my feet. Hmm hubby, is it you? No answer. Then I felt someone's mouth around my toes and gently started to suck on them. Hmm... doesn't feel like hubby. But I was getting so wet I didn't even care who it could be I just wanted him to keep going. He ripped my pantyhose and then I felt his big cock sliding between my feet. I was almost ready to cum but he stopped and began to tease my wet pussy before he slid his cock in deep. He fucked me really good and came all over my toes. The best part was when I took off the blindfold I realized that he was a total stranger! I had no idea where my husband got him from but I'm glad he did. I guess this stranger was a gift and the best one my husband ever gave me! Posted: September 28, 2018