Soles of Silk - steps lotion

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    16 photo mini-set with Abby
    was cut short due to camera malfunctions
    and never resumed. I thought the start
    of this set was so fun that I wanted
    to still share all these sexy photos.
    I decided to post it as a bonus set
    in addition to the normal update.
    I mean, how could anyone be upset
    seeing 16 photos of Abby
    rubbing lotion all over her tender
    Sitting on the step Abby
    prepares to rub the cucumber melon
    scented lotion all over her small
    wrinkled soles � like her feet
    need to be any softer!
    With her right ankle crossed over
    her knee Abby
    takes the lotion and rubs it straight
    down the center of her sole. She even
    gets some in between her little toes.
    There are globs everywhere, which
    she pushes her finger into and spreads
    around. And while doing so, she wiggles
    her toes so you can see all the thick
    creamy lotion squishing between her
    Much to my disappointment, once she
    rubbed the lotion in and was preparing
    to do her left foot, my camera malfunctioned,
    making this a shortened set. No worries,
    she'll be back!

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