Soles of Silk - dugout

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    the Red Sox won the World Series in
    2004 (about time), but I venture to
    say even Red Sox fans with a foot
    fetish are even bigger fans of Mindee�s
    orange socks. But that orange just
    isn't any orange � it�s
    Oriole orange, as in Baltimore Orioles.
    Sitting in the dugout, Mindee
    rests her feet by a few baseballs,
    two bats and her glove. But it doesn't
    take long for her to decide it is
    time for the socks to come off. Lucky
    for us!
    Before you know it, one-by-one those
    socks pop off the end of her blue-painted
    toes, leaving those cute size feet
    bare. Good thing there was no game
    going on because with Mindee
    wiggling her toes and scrunching her
    soles, more than a few batters would
    have went down swinging due to the
    With Mindee�s
    good looks and adorable feet, she
    gets my vote for M.V.P. � with
    M.V.P. standing for �Most Voluptuous
    Piggies.� And to see more of
    piggies, be sure to check out part
    two of this set as Mindee
    takes her position in right field! |See Part 2|

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