The Back 40 Foot - Nancy Frannie Alice Lilly

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    Its time to meet Nancy (all in light blue) who admitted off camera that she has stinky feet that you would not want to be around. Little does Nancy know its great to be around the feet of her stinky feet or not!. I first noticed this model and the first thing that stood out was her very attractive sculptured hands. Her feet are simply no exception with wrinkly soles with non ticklish feet.. Tops of feet are not as attractive with unpainted toes but what the hey her soles are great! See this model first in socks and end up seeing her hold her foot behind her. Nancy is age 59 5ft 8 tall with a shoe size of 10 We think your going to end up saying that there is something quite sexy about the feet soles and high arches of Nancy age 59 size 9. Next comes the feet of Frannie followed by alice and then lastly the painted body of Lilly. 166 photos! Posted: 08-18-2014

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