The Back 40 Foot - Denise Marla Erin Jenna

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    How about a very mature redhead age 56 standing 5ft 3 tall size 7 shoe and extremely ticklish feet! Denise first starts off wearing her black socks before taking them off to reveal her slightly deformed feet. This is one cute lady! See her spread wiggle and scrunch her toes! Next comes Marla who is a very attractive 45 year old with a upbeat personality not to mention the good looks of the girl next door. You will feel as if you were right there checking these feet out! Here she places her feet up on a chair as her soles are placed right in your face. Our model does not have ticklish feet nor the best toenail polish but we still rate this model closer to the top! Next comes the stinky feet of From the east coast of Jersey comes Erin a 53 year old lady standing 5ft 4 tall and a shoe size of 9. One can see here that Erins soles are close to the camera here camera guy could not help but smell her feet! They were very stinky! Pronounced soles with a wart on the bottom of one! Amazing! Not real ticklish feet here but very shapely feet indeed! Last are some photo snaps of an attractive lady named Jenna who was just having a cocktail after a day off from the hospital. We here at the back40foot think you will love these great captures! 154 photos. Posted: 06-07-2014