The Back 40 Foot - Candy

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    From the clip Soles That Amaze currently found on clips4sale comes this months foot award Candy age 52 standing 5 foot 2 tall and wearing a size 10 shoe. Jaqueline and I first met Candy at a local bar where we could not take our attention off of her big feet as we were amazed at the size and attention she warranted them. Jaqueline and I think Candy wears larger than a size 10 shoe based on comparisons with Jaqueline (see jaquelineworld) Candy has some of the sexiest most wonderful wide feet and soles ever. With light almost glow in the dark green painted toes, wide big feet to her height and body shape these plump toes tops of feet and soles really catch the foot lovers attention. One must go to the clips store of jaquelineworld to see just how truly ticklish these soles can be. In addition to that find out much more personal revealing parts and personals of this sexy recently disassociated former corporate businesswoman we have in store for you on the website jaquelineworld where Jaqueline really gets her way. Here on theback40foot you will see our model scrunch spread smile and laugh. You will get an eye full of gorgeous shapely soles toes and tops of feet. Join Candy as she takes turns holding one foot back behind her. Get ready to totally make your weekend. We hope you enjoy this installment of Candy. 136 photos. Posted: 08-08-2015