The Back 40 Foot - Pamela, Carol Ann

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    From the clip Still 50 currently found on clips4sale comes Pamela whao says she is still 50 years old and its like she will never click over to that next year. Our model stands 5 foot 7 tall with a shoe size of 8.5 This is a very nice looking lady a girl next door caught working on a very hot day in one of the warmest places in the country! Suffice to say when Pamela took of her shoes her feet really smelled even though we were outside. Believe me its hard to forget a memory like that. What a privilege that was. Next from the clip Southern Ticklish Mature comes Carol Ann a nice looking married 42 year old. Carol Ann has sensitive ticklish mature feet. This is a model that hardly goes barefoot and is very ticklish. This model with her feet imperfections and crooked second toe make this model a total delight. See Carol Ann spread scrunch and wiggle her light grey painted toes. This model stands 5 foot 6 tall and wears a size 9.1/2 shoe. There are 76 photos. Posted: 09-12-2016

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