FMUK Foot Fantasies - Brooke Lee

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    So I had heard of the famous Brooke, an amazing blonde model who loads of people raved about but sadly retired. I had my suspicions she had amazing feet but could never quite see enough of them in her previous work to confirm. But one day I got the call from an old friend to say that she was back!!!!! I arranged to work with her within 48 hours!!!! And boy o boy did she not disappoint, she is like a little Barbie doll, super cute with a beautiful golden toned body and of course...... amazing feet. She was amazing, neat little sparkly toes, and wrinkled soles that were soft as butter. I asked her about the time she visited the playboy mansion and she told me a story about how someone stole her underwear when she jumped in the pool naked!! I told her she was lucky, I would have stole her shoes and socks! 04-11-2016

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