Barefoot Nudity - JANINA & KIRA: the making of! (set 2)

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Cover 2 JANINA & KIRA: the making of! (set 2) 14 PhotosCover 3 JANINA & KIRA: the making of! (set 2) 14 PhotosCover 4 JANINA & KIRA: the making of! (set 2) 14 PhotosCover 5 JANINA & KIRA: the making of! (set 2) 14 PhotosCover 6 JANINA & KIRA: the making of! (set 2) 14 Photos
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    Dear subscribers! The Feetosopher celebrates two important anniversaries in 2017! 10 years ago, in May 2007, the first set by The Feetosopher went online at Toes-In-Action website. The cooperation between The Feetosopher and Hal of Toes-In-Action has been of critical importance for the development of The Feetosopher's projects, including BAREFOOT NUDITY! Indeed, in March 2010 The Feetosopher started discussing with Hal about possible availability of some of the top models in his roster for nude outdoor sessions, to be held in Hal's area. As you all know, JANINA and KIRA were the first to agree, and finally posed stark naked and wide open for The Feetosopher (with Hal as assistant) in a memorable photosession held in the infamous deserted railyard which any serious fan of hardcore barefooting knows VERY well! :D The resulting pictures were featured on BAREFOOT NUDITY in a series of updates released between Dec 2013 and Aug 2014. Courtesy of The Feetosopher, we are very happy to feature additional "making of" pictures of that session, taken by Hal! You will be able to enjoy gorgeous JANINA and KIRA in all their naked & barefooted glory, and to feel the magic atmosphere of that session, which The Feetosopher still considers as the heyday in his career of erotic/fetish photographer! JANINA and KIRA were totally at ease and had great fun posing, and it definitely shows, as they are all smiles and laughs! :-) You also get to see The Feetosopher "in action", and have a front seat together with Hal! A BAREFOOT NUDITY WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE! The Feetosopher takes the chance to thank once more Hal for his friendship and invaluable support, and JANINA and KIRA for the stellar performance and the wonderful time spent together on that glorious day in July 2010! If you haven't done it yet, we warmly recommend to check out Toes-In-Action website to enjoy thousands of high-quality non-nude pictures of gorgeous barefoot beauties, and hours of exciting videos featuring real-life barefooting in Hal's city! Posted: 03-26-2017