Philly Foot Worship - Street Feet Episode 1 Ciara Size 8

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    Street Feet episodes is an online foot fetish reality series in which we approach real girls on the streets in real situations and try to get them to show off their feet to us on the spot. We gets a lot of ?Hell No?s? but we do have some success. In this episode, we are outside a local gym that always has hot girls. After about 5 attempts we run in to the hot Ciara. She is a light skinned hottie with size 8 feet. She is wearing legging running sneakers and no socks from what I can tell. We catch up with her in the parking lot and she wants to know why I have a camera in her face. She gets a little creeped out at first so I give her my business card and tell her that I am doing a documentary on female feet. She wants to know why feet. I tell her that there is a whole foot fetish community out there that loves female feet. Then I ask her if she will show her feet. She say no way. I tell her that I will give her $20 to see her feet right now. She says no way. The I say $40 and she say?s $60. I?m like okay. Let?s do this. We get in her car to drive to a lower profile area of the parking lot. Once we get to the area, I get her to untie her sneakers and strip them off while sitting in her car. Her feet looked so soft. I get her to flex and spread her toes, along with put her toes on the steering wheel and dash board. Her feet are really pretty with red toe nail polish and she has the cutest birth mark on the sole of her foot. Her feet really turned me on. Finally we wrap up and she starts to put her sneakers back on. She really thinks she is getting $60 for this. Hahaha! Once I get out the car, I take the fuck off running with the pictures and video. Fuck that I was not going to pay her for that shit. See this whole episode from how we meet to her showing her feet to be running away. I must say Ciara is hot! You get 1 15 minute video and 46 pictures in this set. Posted: 01-14-2014