Bare Foot Confidential - Kacey Jordan

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    We've said it before and we feel it bears repeating here: Kacey Jordan has one of the most wonderfully meaty busses in the business! Kacey really doesn't mind if you stare, so pull your monitor right up to your nose so you can get a nice close look at those lovely labia. Just imagine Kacey rubbing herself all over your face while you lay back and make yourself comfortable. Try to imagine that pus as it rubs all over your cock. Jesus Christ, even we're getting turned on, now! And while your burying your sword deep in that tight young pussy of hers, she'll be looking up at you with that innocent, angelic smile, urging you on faster and faster as you build up to the magic moment where you drop every last delicious ounce of your spunk into her tight hole. You won't be offended if Kacey helps herself to whatever manages to drip out of her, do you? She just wants a little taste of you. Unless of course you're ready right now for another go at her pretty mouth?

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