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    those of you who say you don't have
    time for breakfast, I am sure if Lauryn
    brought over her cinnamon waffles,
    maple syrup and best of all, her size
    8 1/2 feet over for breakfast, you�d
    be calling work to tell them you�re
    running late.
    Still in her sleepwear, Lauryn
    sits down for breakfast, but soon
    realizes there's no bacon. What is
    a girl to do? Bacon is pork, pork
    comes from pigs, Lauryn
    has 10 little piggies, so in essence,
    piggies equal bacon! Problem solved!
    After a few quick gulps of orange
    juice and a few bites from her waffles,
    she decides it's time to stick the
    "bacon" on her plate as
    pushes her toes down into the syrupy
    mess. The thick, sticky syrup oozes
    up between her long dancer toes as
    she arches her foot. But there's just
    not enough syrup!
    Hamming it up for the camera (no
    pun intended), Lauryn
    pours more syrup down her leg and
    onto her curvy feet. The waffles below
    are smashed and saturated with the
    excess of syrup. Just when you didn't
    think a gal's feet could be anymore
    sweet, along came Lauryn!

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