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    the recent cold weather, Abby
    decided to make it a night indoors
    with a good movie. Things are much
    warmer inside, especially when this
    Latina has her shoes off!
    Grabbing a few DVDs off the rack,
    Abby beings
    to thumb through her selection. Would
    it be "Lilo & Stitch?"
    Or maybe "Scooby Doo?" I
    don't think any of us are really concerned
    as long as we can watch the show Abby
    is treating us to.
    trademark is the millions of tiny
    wrinkles along her soft and very smooth
    soles. If there was a model who personified
    "soles of silk," Abby
    is that girl!
    Now sit back and watch, grab some
    pop corn as we bring you tonight's
    FEETure presentation... Abby's
    Size 6s: Return of the Wrinkles!

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