Soles of Silk - smelting building

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    For weeks before our planned shoot date Carlin and I had been discussing a number of photo set theme/location ideas. At one point she told me she had bought a fadora that she wanted to wear in a set. I said that the fadora sounded great as I had never had a girl in one yet.
    As for the location on this set, it happened by chance. I decided to go to a large park on the other side of town that I had been meaning to check out. When we drove in, we saw the remains of an old stone building and both said "that's a good spot."
    The building itself was falling apart and there was broken stones, dirt, sticks, splintered wood and lots of spider webs. Except for the spider webs, Carlin stuck her feet right down in whatever was on the floor. Her soles and toes got quite dirty, but she didn't care. I actually encouraged her to let them get dirtier as I know quite a few fans love that.

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