Hot Legs and Feet - Masturbate to a mastrpiece!

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    The hallmark of a great model is an expressive face, and Kety Pearl certainly has one on top of her splendid 5'8", 38B-26-39 body. She smiles with warmth as easily as she seduces with a blue-eyed, full-lipped sultriness. In our masterful pictorial and HD video, Kety first appears in a black lace top, patterned sheer black pantyhose, and black peep toe pumps. With grace and confidence, she stretches out her legs in many different poses for the cameras of Denys DeFrancesco and his crews. She slowly peels out of her garments, first the shoes, then the top, and then the pantyhose, finally revealing the scorpion tattoo on the left side of her pelvis. Kety is a playful femme fatale whose stinger we would welcome! She is indeed a Scorpio, born October 28th. She slides down her pantyhose so we can feast our eyes on the firm roundness of her derriere, as well as the wrinkled undersides of her feet as she presses them backward against the hardwood floor. She sits in a chair and poses with her legs up and her tights bunched around her ankles, and she tugs the hosiery with her teeth as she spreads her pussy with red-polished fingernails to reveal a moist, alluring pinkness. When we finally see her bare toes, we get floor-level closeups that almost command us to kiss the screen! But Kety smiles sweetly at us, a casual dominatrix who is all the more powerful for her kindness and her instinctual understanding of our fetish needs. I could go on and on about this phenomenal set, like about the poses on a chair that remind me of the late Bettie Page at her own athletic peak as a model. Kety has a similarly strong, curvaceous body, with two of the most erotic thighs ever. As Kety presses her right heel into her bare pussy, we see those thighs flexed in all their plush feminine strength. But the set continues with doggie style poses and closeups of Kety's soles that will delight your orbs and pecker. Kety even licks and sucks her own toes, as if showing us exactly how lucky slaves get to serve her! Her size nines are about as close to shapely perfection as you can find.