Hot Legs and Feet - Rules his Meat with her Feet!

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    Bella Baby rockets to the top of our horny hit parade with this stunning performance in a foot & fuckjob thriller masterfully captured by Denys DeFrancesco and his camera crews. As the pix and video open, Bella has just come back from a vacation, wearing the cutest and sexiest pink ensemble comprised of a tunic, leggings, and strappy pink flower-print heels. But she's a little miffed that her boyfriend (or SLAVE?) Totti is not there to greet her. After all, her feet are sore, and he's supposed to be ready to give her a massage! After laying down the law when he finally shows up, she gets him rubbing, kissing, and sucking her delectable size 6 toes and sniffing her shoes while she half-ignores him and reads a book. Ultimately, however, she rewards his obvious devotion with a pat on the top of his head with her bare sole. She rubs her feet over his face and then stretches out on the table so he can worship her smooth soles while crouching on the floor behind her. When he's permitted to, Totti gets out his dick for Bella's pleasure, and she instantly demonstrates the considerable agility of her feet as she strokes his inches. Firmly in command of his prick, she sucks him while teasing US in the audience with her flexing feet and wrinkled soles. Bella has Totti take down her light pink leggings and worship her butt, then she shoves her bare feet in his mouth while she takes his meat in her muffin. Bella looks right at US as she's getting banged in the spoon style or cowgirl mode. Here is a dream girl for those who love to watch a sassy blonde beauty getting fucked while tantalizing her admirers with her feet! Bella stands over Totti and rubs his rod, then she sits down on his shaft and rides it until she's ready to get boffed again on her back while she crams his mouth with her toes. Only when Totti can barely stand it anymore, does she take his tool between her soles and tug him to an incredible gooey finish all over her shin and foot. You can see the glimmer of his seed as it hangs on her naked tattooed left instep at the end!!