Hot Legs and Feet - Girl gets sole whipped [Part 1]

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    Laura Lee takes command of naughty Lucy Bell! We don't know what Lucy's crime was, but Laura has decided that only strict discipline will cure the girl's unpredictable behavior. After stepping on Lucy's bare foot with the heel of her stiletto boot, Laura ties the girl down on a table, securing her wrists and ankles so that the comely blue-eyed cutie is stretched on her back for punishment. We are there as co-punishers as we get detailed closeups of Lucy's French-pedicured feet, complete with a lovely flower tattoo on her right instep. Laura prepares to bind Lucy's ankles with red-and-white rope, and we see Lucy's vulnerable peds from every angle. How naked her soles ripe for the snap of the riding crop, or for the teasing tickling caress of Mistress Laura's hands! "Bastinado" is an ancient form of foot punishment--look it up on Wikipedia for some interesting facts about its history and cruel potential--but here it is presented more in the spirit of role-play than pain, as a lovely young woman is rendered helpless before her obviously more controlling partner, her feet toyed with and touched while she lays there helpless and immobile.