Hot Legs and Feet - Sleek and Irresistable

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    Poor deluded Mugur! He's on a fool's mission if he thinks he'll be able to concentrate on his work when Taylor Sands shows off her sleek pantyhose-sheathed pins only inches away from his orbs! Indeed, this Dutch beauty pulls out all the stops in displaying her incredible gams, spectacularly attired in sheer black hosiery and elegant pumps that reveal her alluring toe cleavage. So naturally, Mugur submits. Once he takes off one of her shoes, catch the phenomenal shot where she caresses Mugur's face with her instep and shows us her sweet wrinkled sole underneath the pantyhose! Her size 6 feet are of a special loveliness, delicate shape, with deliciously symmetrical toes. And look also for the cool moment where she wraps her knee around Mugur's gristle while he keeps sucking her toes. Soon she gets a craving to suck something of his. She strokes his shaft with her nylon feet and then gives him some head, before letting him tear a hole in her pantyhose for the insertion of his randy rod. Taylor then gets banged every which way, but always remembers to keep her feet in view for us to admire, until she finally coaxes out the cream by stroking Mugur between her soles. She then happily shows off his gooey litter on her nylon ped!