Hot Legs and Feet - Pinup on the piano!

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    We welcome Aria Giovanni back for another appearance, and the exotic beauty gives us a tantalizing striptease out of her pink-and-black bra and panties and strappy heels. Aria leans over a piano and shows us her butt and legs, then poses against a mirror so we get double images of her curvaceous body. She tantalizes us with her big tits as well as her delectable toes, and gives us a lot of timeless pinup-style poses as she sits on the piano. Watching herself (and us!) in the mirror, she takes off her bra like a classic stripper, dangling it in her hand, then stretches across the piano and shows off her butt in her transparent panties. Who could resist such an invitation to kiss his way up from her feet over her thighs and onto that voluptuous behind? Aria then peels down the panties and displays her bare bottom, before taking off one of her sandals and giving it a good sniff while sticking her feet toward our faces. Her insteps still have the impressions of the shoe straps as she thrusts her red-polished toes and flexing soles in the direction of our tongues and tools! For a finale Miss Aria poses against the mirror and we get low angle views that show her looking down at us as she stretches out her strong, supple legs and bare, lickable feet.