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    Hey guys, What's been going on? It's me Ariel. I have this boyfriend and he's been really great but he's starting to piss me off because he does too much work around the place and hasn't been giving my enough. Like today for example he could have easily stayed in bed but instead he decided to paint our playroom, it did need painting but he could have waited until at least noon. Martin had just started painting our new play room and I knew was going to but a long day waiting, I was very horny and wanted to play now, I didn't want to wait until he was finished or decided to take a break. I walked in on Martin and he had the place a complete mess, he had more paint on the floor than he had on the wall. I walked through his nicely painted floor and then went and laid down on the sofa. Martin came over and cleaned my feet and then I began rubbing my feet on his cock. Martin pulled his cock out and held my feet moving back and forth on his cock as I caressed my sexy body, playing with my boobs and rubbing my legs up and down. Martin started pumping his cock between my feet, fucking them with long strokes and then I slipped off my bra and played with my tits, rubbing and squeezing them both. I lifted my legs and Martin fucked my feet and moved them back and forth on his big hard cock as I rubbed my horny snatch up and down and played with my tits and nipples. I sat up and unfastened his belt and then I spread my toes open wide, stroking his cock between my big toe and the rest doing what I call my split toe effect. I laid back down and rubbed my pussy and tits as Martin continued fucking my little feet, I could feel his cock throbbing like the beat of a drum getting harder and stronger with every stroke of his heart. He held his cock in his hand and I began rubbing my feet on his balls and then I split toed his cock. He fucked my feet from behind in Doggy as I reached back and teasingly rubbed my sexy tight ass. I took off my top and laid on the sofa on my side and Martin laid down behind me, started foot jerked his cock has fast as I could and then he pumped his cock between them both hard and strong. Martin sat up and I got on top with my back facing him and then he held my feet around his cock and started fucking them all over again. I went and sat on the back of the sofa and wrapped my feet around his erected shaft, stroking him up and down and rubbing my pussy both at the same time. I laid back down on the sofa with my legs and feet up over the back and Martin went and stood behind the sofa and sandwiched his meaty cock between my feet, sliding his cock across the top of one foot and the bottom of the other. He fucked my feet with every thing he had and then shot his load all over them both and then I rubbed my cummy feet together spreading his cum all over. Martin grabbed my foot and painted it up and then placed it on the wall, if you ask me I think he should paint the entire room this way, marking our sexual encounters one by one.