Hot Legs and Feet - Spectacular views of leggy splendor

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    If you like girls in pantyhose, you are going to be in porno paradise when black-haired Laetitia meets auburn-topped Denisa Heaven, we get a pageant of shapely pins in the sleekest of tights and the prettiest of high heels. Denisa in particular really has beautifully shaped calves in the now-rare "Hollywood pinup" style. Leg aficionados know this style when they see it: a certain curviness to the calves that never looks too muscular, or too thin, or too thick. When Denisa points her toes as she stretches out to kiss Laetitia across a couch, we get to see true calf perfection! Let's make her Model of the Day. As for ultra-cute Laetitia, she looks great as she poses on her stomach so that Denisa can remove her shoes and worship her feet in the seamed, reinforced toes of the pantyhose. The girls show off their derrieres in their tights, too. And once they get the pantyhose down, they play with a pink vibrator that has a wired attachment so that both gals can feel the arousing pulsations. Laetitia both pleasures herself with the attachment, and also uses her feet to cram the toy into Denisa's pussy. Soon the vibrator shifts its location into Laetitia's slit as well. Denisa has lovely pale feet with bright red polish, and the cameras of Denys DeFrancesco and his crews go in close to capture her agile toes tugging on the pantyhose. Denisa sucks Laetitia's tempting digits too. Finally the girls cuddle on the couch to finish themselves off with the vibrator, and the pictorial concludes with some lovely poses of them stretched out in all their leggy splendor!