Hot Legs and Feet - Candle wax chastisement [Part2]

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    If you'll recall, last week Midori was firmly bound to a table and at the mercy of Zuzana, a sweet-looking blonde beauty who explored her darker side as she whipped Midori's soles with a flexible cane and sat on her French-Japanese submissive's face. This week, Zuzana pours hot candle wax all over Midori's soles, then inserts a silver bullet vibrator into the helpless woman's shaved pussy as well as the tip of the cane into her asshole! Diabolically, Zuzana secures the vibrator in Miss Tanaka's vagina by pressing the cane down against the toy while lodging the cane's tip between Midori's bound feet! After a little while, Zuzana rubs her own pussy on the cane, before using it once again to punish Midori's wax-encrusted soles in a display of brisk "bastinado," as foot whipping is known. This is a whole new side of Zuzana, and your mouth will gape in astonishment as she displays her skill at dominating a female into absolute submission.