Hot Legs and Feet - Worship Rihanna Samuel here!

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    Superbly photographed and styled by Denys DeFrancesco and his production crews, Rihanna wears the perfect shade of rich red lipstick on her vivacious smile as she shows off her tight body and curvy legs in a red top and see-thru panties. But the touch of genius of is demonstrated in their putting Miss Rihanna in white knee socks, and then grey peeptoe pumps that match the color of her eyes! She poses with her feet in and out of the shoes, the quicksilver shift in her expressions telling us she well realizes how she brings pre-cum to the tips of our helpless dicks! The first high point comes when she sits on the couch with her legs spread, white socks still taut up to her knees, hypnotically red crotch panel shielding our hungry eyes from her naked pussy. Rihanna seems to be trying not to judge us harshly on how weak and horny we are just from the sight of her socks and panty crotch! Will she deem us deserving enough to see her bare toes, not to mention her nude cunny? The answer is YES! For Rihanna shows us ALL. She peels those socks off her pink-polished toenails. She flexes her toes as she uncovers her juicy flower. She even puts her big toe into her lips and sucks it hard like the cock of a favorite lover! And you may, like ye ole Uncle Irv, lose it right after that, and need to recuperate before you study the rest of the photos, like the high angle views looking down on Rihanna as she tugs her panties with her soles. These images put a whole new perspective on your adoration of this entrancing creature, because you'll learn that when you're a foot slave to Miss Rihanna Samuel, it doesn't matter if you're below her or above her'you just go where it's necessary for you to be in order to worship her beautiful feet! And to enjoy the favor of her smile, or endure the stern raising of her eyebrow when you demonstrate that you're just a naughty, masturbating human puppy in the presence of a young goddess whose entire body from eyes to asshole demand our awe, our service, and our SPERM!