Hot Legs and Feet - Frenzied foot fest

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    Blond Vikki and brunette Lola are mixing it up with socks, toes, and pussies! They look like two college girls taking a break from their studies as they lay around on a bed in their t-shirts, panties, and white cotton socks. Lola tugs off Vikki's socks so she can get down to the tender peds below and suck toes and heels to her heart's content. The gals kiss and rub their titties with their feet a bit, but then Vikki wants some toe action for herself, and so she brings out a scissors to cut off the ends of Lola's knee socks! With Lola's foot freed, Vikki can slide her tongue between the wiggly digits. After lapping at Lola's sole for awhile, Vikki then pulls down her friend's panties so she can taste that sweet cunny and asshole. But then Vikki gets an inspiration, and slides her right big toe into Lola's box, a sensuous sight which the DDF cameras capture in all its horny detail! Afterward, the girls get into a foot-69 and Lola savors her own juices right off her friend's penetrating toe. And of course, being a good pal, Lola then returns the favor by stuffing HER right big toe into Vikki's snatch so that Vikki can then savor her personal juices off afterward as well. Yes indeed, it's a frenzied festival of foot worship when these two Russian cuties go wild on each other in pix and video!