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    Hi Guy's, it's me Margareth, Did you miss me? Well for those of you that did, I'm sorry that I've been away so long. And for those of you that didn't, Shame on you, now go sit in the corner! Margareth once told us, 'I'm one of those girls that like's to keep her man in line, so I had to be smart and cum up with the perfect plan. I know men and they are visual beings, they like to window shop all day long. So every morning I make sure to give my boyfriend some eye candy to last him until he gets back home, that way I'm all he's thinking about all day long. Men are always eager to get a piece of ass, so he's usually at home even before I arrive, looking like a puppy wagging its tail when his master comes home.' I stood and rubbed my snatch up and down while Michael sat on the bed and watched. I turned showing him my ass and rubbing it all over then I went over to him and he started rubbing my leg up and down and kissing it. I got on the bed and Michael grabbed my leg and began licking me all over. I laid down with my ass up and pulled my legs up towards my ass, I rubbed my legs and ass and Michael started licking my shoes. Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Michael laid down and I sat up, he opened his pants and I started stroking his cock with my foot, Michael held my legs rubbing and kissing them all over then he reached up and started rubbing on my eager and happy snatch. Michael pulled his cock out and grabbed my foot shoe and all and started rubbing it up and down on his cock, he started pumping his cock between the heel and the sole as he began rubbing and playing with my breast. He pulled down his pants and placed my feet around his cock, holding them in place as he slid his hard thick cock between them. Michael pulled off my shoe and rubbed it on his cock as I ran my nyloned foot across his body and then stuck it in his mouth for him to suck. I wrapped my feet around Michael's long hard cock and he held them in place as I started stroking him up and down then I rubbed and played with big round balls with my feet as he rubbed my pussy with my shoe. Michael sucked my foot making it nasty wet then I rubbed it all over his body then back down to his thick throbbing cock and started foot jerking him all over again. I laid down in spoon wrapped my feet back around his cock and jerked him off from the side as Michael rubbed my ass and pussy all over. He grabbed my feet and held them tightly around his cock then he started pumping it with hard fast strokes. He picked up my shoe started sucking on the tip then I rubbed it up and down on my puss. I got on top of Michael with my ass facing him and wrapped my feet back around his cock, stroking him up and down as he rubbed and played with my wetting twat. I got on all fours in my nastiest dog and then raised both my feet up high, rubbing my feet across his cock and balls as he caressed and kissed me all over my legs and ass. He pulled my panties down to my feet and then started sucking my toes, I could feel my cunt starting to drip from the inside out. He held my feet around his hard thick cock and started sliding them back and forth, I could feel his cock throbbing on the bottoms my feet and its pulse was beating strong. I laid down on my back and he held and fucked my feet, I started rubbing my tits and playing with my hard stiff nips and then I reached down and started rubbing my happy cunt. I picked up my shoe and teasingly started rubbing the tip on my puss and clit then I laid in front of him on my side and stroked his cock with my feet from behind. Michael fucked my feet as I rubbed my puss up and down then I went back to playing with my boobs as Michael continued fucking my feet hard and fast. He shot his load off all over my feet and I happily licked my foot and toes, I rubbed my pussy up and down and then rubbed my cum covered feet together.