Hot Legs and Feet - Fiesta of Foot Sucking!

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    Alexa and Blue Angel portraying two ballerinas who discover they have far more in common than the ability to stand on one leg in the arabesque position. Alexa in the turquoise top arrives during Angel's cigarette break and she warms up while Angel observes. You'll enjoy the views of Alexa's limber stems as she leans on the horizontal barre and stretches showing off the crotch of her leotard. Ballet practice is soon forgotten as the girls clinch on the floor kissing while thrusting their toe shoes in our direction. The gals wear nylon knee socks with their leotards and they caress and kiss each other's feet through the filmy material. Alexa practices some intense positions on the barre and Angel gets her face right in her crotch. The mirrors in the ballet studio add to the erotic atmosphere too. Although our ballerinas try out various moves, their focus is definitely on their pussies and feet. They tug down their leotards to reveal their private parts and peel off their knee socks to suck toe. Blue Angel in particular takes quite a mouthful of Alexa's foot and Alexa sucks fervently on her own right big toe in gigantic close-ups captured by Denys DeFrancesco and his camera crews. When the knee socks finally come off, the girls indulge in a real fiesta of foot sucking and Alexa even stuffs her pussy with one of her socks. These dancers don't forget their audience though and give us plenty of poses that help us imagine being a part of their toe worship party!