Hot Legs and Feet - Jasmine puts us through our paces!

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Cover 2 Jasmine puts us through our paces! 125 PhotosCover 3 Jasmine puts us through our paces! 125 PhotosCover 4 Jasmine puts us through our paces! 125 PhotosCover 5 Jasmine puts us through our paces! 125 PhotosCover 6 Jasmine puts us through our paces! 125 Photos
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    Jasmine Rouge has both a friendly and haughty quality to her stunning looks, so no wonder she's a favorite here with fifteen sets to her credit! She stars with Titus Steel in a Best of HLF footjob classic. It starts with Jasmine showing off her satiny pink dress, pink thigh-high stockings, and strappy heels to Titus, who lays on a bed admiring her. They enjoy some brief kissing, but then Jasmine shifts her foot to his face while she undoes his trousers. She rubs his already stiff prick while he kisses and sucks on her feet. Soon she's got his meat between her nylon-clad, red-polished toes, and we see her footjobbing him in spectacular closeups courtesy of Denys DeFrancesco and his camera crews. Jasmine has no intention of fucking Titus. Instead she teases him with her mouth, holding his thick sausage between her soles so she can suck the tip. Then she sits her ass down on Titus' face while she sticks her legs out straight and pumps his pork with her peds, still clad in nylon! You'll feel like you're right there at the foot of the bed, and it'll seem that at any moment Jasmine might command YOU to join in and lick her soles! Meanwhile, she's got some other duties for Titus. She really puts this lucky dude through his paces!! She has him take off her nylons with his teeth and stuff them in her snatch. She teases him with her right big toe while it's still in the nylon, and he gets to sniff and suck it. Then she lays down on her stomach, and reaches around to cram Titus' face back in her heavenly butt while she jacks off his cock with her bare feet! Holy shit!! It's easy to understand the gigantic load that sprays out of his dick all the way up her legs!